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Are You Eligible To Receive a Star Rebate Check In 2023-2024?



Are You Eligible To Receive a Star Rebate Check In 2023-2024?

Are You Eligible To Receive a Star Rebate Check In 2023-2024. As the distribution of STAR property tax credit checks is underway, homeowners are advised to keep a close eye on their mailboxes for the arrival of their checks. If you haven’t received yours yet, it is likely on its way.

Utilize the online tool provided by the state Department of Taxation and Finance to check the status of check mailings in your town.

This tool covers municipalities and school systems in Onondaga County and beyond, providing transparency in the distribution process.

Mailing Commencement

Checks for the city of Syracuse, for example, began being issued in the middle of July. According to the Tax Department, Star Rebate Checks for various municipalities and districts around Onondaga County, including West Genesee, Liverpool, Fayetteville-Manlius, Jamesville-DeWitt, and others, have initiated shipping. Stay informed about STAR Rebate Checks 2023 eligibility and distribution details on the dedicated webpage.

Understanding Star Rebate Checks

New York State School Tax Relief Program (STAR)

The STAR program, officially known as the New York State School Tax Relief Program, offers qualified homeowners a reduction in school property tax based on a percentage of their home’s total value. It is accessible to New Yorkers meeting income requirements who own and reside in their primary homes. The program operates independently of school districts, and homeowners must apply for exemptions through their municipal assessor’s office.


Eligibility Criteria for STAR Rebate Checks 2023

Homeowners have the option to switch from a tax exemption to receiving a check. Those opting for the latter may see an annual increase in their STAR savings, as the state allows the STAR credit to rise by up to 2% annually. STAR exemptions do not appreciate in value, and benefits are distributed based on demographics.

  • Basic STAR: Combined income of property owners and spouses cannot exceed USD 500,000.
  • Enhanced STAR: Applicable to those 65 years and older with income restrictions that vary yearly.
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Types of STAR Rebate Checks 2023

Exemptions come in two forms:

  • Basic STAR: For owner-occupied primary residences with household incomes under USD 500,000, this exemption applies regardless of owner age. It involves excluding a percentage of the home’s value from school taxes.
  • Enhanced STAR: Available for those 65 and older with a larger exemption and income threshold.

Anticipating Your NYC STAR Benefit

Your tax bill, indicating your STAR benefit, is expected between late August and December if you qualify for a STAR exemption. If receiving a STAR credit check, it may have arrived in recent weeks or will be issued shortly. Determine your specific delivery schedule by visiting the official website at

Varying Deadlines

Be aware of differing deadlines for school property taxes across municipalities, and check with your city, town, village, or school district for your specific due date.

Addressing Missing STAR Benefits

If your STAR check hasn’t arrived, and your school property tax deadline looms, contact the Department of Taxation and Finance through your Online Services Account or by calling 518-457-2036, Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.


Staying informed about STAR Rebate Checks is crucial for eligible homeowners. Utilize online tools, track mailings, and be aware of deadlines. For any missing benefits, promptly contact the Department of Taxation and Finance for assistance.

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