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Challenging NSFAS Payment System Crucial In Combating Corruption, Affirms Nzimande



Challenging NSFAS Payment System Crucial In Combating Corruption, Affirms Nzimande

Challenging NSFAS Payment System Crucial In Combating Corruption, Affirms Nzimande. In a bid to address concerns over corruption, Higher Education Minister Blade Nzimande has emphasized the significance of the recently implemented National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) payment system, despite the encountered difficulties.

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Nongogo’s Leave Of Absence Spurs Minister’s Remarks

Nzimande’s assertion comes in the wake of the decision to place NSFAS CEO Andile Nongogo on a leave of absence pending an investigation into the system’s functioning and implications.

A Strategic Move To Curb Ghost Students And Delayed Allowances

Nzimande highlighted that the introduction of the NSFAS bank account aimed at addressing the issue of ghost students within the system, as well as alleviating the problems associated with delayed allowance disbursements.

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Controversy Surrounds New Payment System

The initiation of the NSFAS bank account in June across various universities in the country ignited student protests and widespread discontent. These reactions stemmed from the perceived shortcomings of the system.

Nzimande Supports Suspension Of Nongogo

While acknowledging the suspension of Nongogo due to allegations tied to the contentious payment system, Minister Nzimande reiterated his support for the overall objectives of the payment system reform.

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Critical Defunding Of Allegedly Falsified Applications

NSFAS has taken action against approximately 31,000 students who are believed to have submitted falsified applications to qualify for financial assistance. This move, however, has provoked backlash from students who assert that certain individuals have been unfairly defunded.

Minister Sets A Deadline For Resolution

Minister Nzimande has granted NSFAS a 30-day window to address the challenges plaguing the payment system and devise viable solutions to ensure its effectiveness and fairness.

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Transitional Leadership Appointed

In the midst of these developments, NSFAS CFO Masile Ramowesi has been designated as the interim CEO, overseeing the ongoing operations and decisions of the scheme during this critical period of evaluation and reform.

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