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Disruptions Rock Sol Plaatje University



 Disruptions Rock Sol Plaatje University

Disruptions Rock Sol Plaatje University. Disruptions shook the grounds of Sol Plaatje University (SPU) as classes were brought to a standstill amidst student protests. The demands reverberated across the campus, echoing the urgent need for the disbursement of National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) allowances and addressing concerns regarding off-campus accommodation conditions.

NSFAS Allowance Dispute

Kashini Maistry, the acting director of Institutional Advancement in the office of the vice-chancellor at SPU, shed light on the underlying issues. The crux of the matter lies in the intricacies of NSFAS allowances.

While NSFAS intended to alleviate financial burdens by aiding in the payment of allowances for February and March 2024, complications arose due to discrepancies between information on the NSFAS portal and the list of funded students provided to higher education institutions.

Challenges And Resolutions

Maistry outlined the challenges encountered in resolving the issues with service providers responsible for payments. She revealed that some students didn’t meet the qualifying criteria for funding.

Despite these hurdles, efforts were underway to ensure that eligible students received their allowances. The university had disbursed funds to over 2,500 qualifying students, with plans in place to address outstanding payments and rectify erroneous banking details.


Path To Resolution

A pivotal meeting between the university executive and the Student Representative Council (SRC) yielded a mutual agreement. It was decided that all qualifying students, provided their information was accurate or updated, would receive their allowances by March 8th.

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Additionally, measures were set in motion to tackle concerns regarding off-campus accommodation. Collaborative efforts between the SRC and the Dean of Students aimed to engage landlords and improve living conditions for students.

Upholding Peaceful Protest

While acknowledging the right to peaceful protest, Maistry emphasized the university stance against disruptive behavior. Any actions that impede academic, operational, or construction activities and contravene the student code of conduct would be subject to disciplinary measures. The university remained committed to fostering a conducive learning environment while ensuring the welfare of its students.


The disruptions at Sol Plaatje University underscore the challenges faced by students and institutions alike in navigating financial aid systems and addressing accommodation concerns. Through dialogue, collaboration, and adherence to established protocols, SPU strives to overcome these obstacles and uphold its commitment to academic excellence and student welfare.

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