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Dividend Tax Rates 2024 UK | What Is It and How Much Will You Pay?



Dividend Tax Rates 2024 UK | What Is It and How Much Will You Pay?

Dividend Tax Rates 2024 UK | What Is It and How Much Will You Pay. Shareholders in UK limited companies are obligated to pay dividend tax on their earnings from the business. This article aims to provide comprehensive insights into the landscape of UK dividend tax in 2024.

Covering aspects such as the mechanics of company dividends, dividend tax rates, allowances, and the process of reporting to HMRC, it is a valuable resource for company owners.

Dividend Tax Rates in 2024 | What to Expect

Discover the intricacies of UK dividend tax rates and the corresponding payment obligations. Before delving into dividend tax payments, leverage your tax-free personal allowance, especially if your sole income source is from investments. The article breaks down the £12,570 tax-free allowance in addition to the £1,000 dividend allowance for the 2023–24 tax year. An effective tool for calculating potential tax liabilities is also introduced – the dividend tax calculator.

Decoding Dividend Tax

Gain a clear understanding of dividend tax and its implications. While dividends offer a steady income stream for investors, it’s crucial to acknowledge the tax implications associated with this form of income. Although dividend taxation is generally less burdensome than income from employment or pensions, optimizing tax-free dividend allowances can enhance your overall returns.

Dividend Tax Payments

Explore the specifics of paying dividend tax in the UK. Once your dividends surpass the Tax-Free Allowance (TFA), determined by your income tax band, you are required to pay tax on them. The article delineates the dividend tax rates for the 2023–2024 tax year based on income tax bands, including the rates for different ranges of earnings.


Dividend Tax Rates

Delve into the detailed breakdown of dividend tax rates for the 2023–2024 tax year. Understand the percentage breakdown for dividends within different income brackets, from the initial £1,000 at 0% to the higher rate range at 39.35%. Learn the process of including dividend income in your tax return and the deadlines associated with tax filing.

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What Are the UK Dividend Tax Rates?

Income Tax Bands 
Rate  2023-24 Tax Rate  2024-25 Tax Rates 
Basic £1 to £37,700 £1 to £37,700
Higher £37,701 to £125,140 £37,701 to £125,140
Additional Over £125,140 Over £125,140
Income Tax Rate 2023-25 Tax Rate 
Basic 20%
Higher 40%
Additional 45%
Dividend Rates 
Rate  2023-25 Tax Year
Ordinary 8.75%
Upper 33.75%
Additional 39.35%

Your Taxable Dividend Income

Comprehend the tax rates applicable to your taxable dividend income. The article explains how the tax rates are determined based on earned and saved income, providing a holistic view of the taxation process for dividends.

Paying Tax on Dividends

Get practical insights into the various methods of paying tax on dividends. The article outlines different payment options, including online banking, CHAPS, Bacs, debit and credit cards, cheque, direct debit, and more, with corresponding timeframes for each.

2023/24 Dividend Allowance| Maximizing Tax-Free Earnings

Understand the concept of the dividend allowance and how it contributes to tax-free earnings. The article emphasizes the separation of the dividend allowance from the personal tax allowance and its significance in mitigating tax obligations on profits up to the specified allowance amount.


In navigating the intricate landscape of UK dividend tax, understanding allowances, rates, and payment methods is crucial. Arm yourself with this knowledge to optimize returns and fulfill tax obligations effectively in the 2024 financial landscape

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