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EFF Student Command Dismisses Alleged UKZN Shutdown Poster as “Fake”



EFF Student Command Dismisses Alleged UKZN Shutdown Poster as "Fake"

EFF Student Command Dismisses Alleged UKZN Shutdown Poster as “Fake”. In a recent turn of events, the EFF Student Command in KwaZulu-Natal has vehemently dismissed a widely circulated poster that purportedly called for a comprehensive shutdown of the University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN) campuses. The student organization labeled the poster as “fake,” shedding light on a complex scenario involving student protests and financial aid concerns.

Unrest Over NSFAS Payment System

Recent times have witnessed a surge in student protests aimed at challenging the new payment system introduced by the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS). Triggered by the system’s mandate for students to establish bank accounts to access their financial aid, these protests underscored students’ grievances over associated fees causing delays in fund disbursement. The unrest culminated in a significant demonstration at Pretoria’s Union Buildings.

EFF’s Stance and Response

Yaya Mnikwa, the spokesperson for EFF Student Command in KwaZulu-Natal, discredited the alleged poster’s legitimacy. Mnikwa elucidated the organization’s proactive approach in addressing the NSFAS issue by orchestrating a well-organized march and submitting a memorandum to the higher education department. Pending a response from the authorities, the EFF Student Command has chosen to exercise restraint, awaiting a decisive resolution.

Focused on Student Representation

Mnikwa emphasized that the EFF Student Command’s core focus remains firmly set on the upcoming Student Representative Council (SRC) elections. With a clear commitment to legitimate channels of student representation and engagement, the organization underscores its dedication to advancing student interests.

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Rejection of Allegations of Campus Violence

In the wake of a fiery incident where an examination hall at UKZN’s Pietermaritzburg campus was reportedly set ablaze during protests, Mnikwa categorically refuted any claims of the EFF Student Command’s involvement in such destructive acts. He attributed the unrest and property damage to the cumulative frustration and discontent felt by students grappling with a range of issues.

University’s Response and Ongoing Stability

Normah Zondo, the spokesperson for UKZN, acknowledged the existence of conflicting posters—one advocating for a campus shutdown and the other labeling the shutdown call as “fake news.” With a proactive approach, the university administration engaged with the SRC president, who clarified that there were no imminent plans for a shutdown protest. The situation across UKZN campuses has remained notably stable, as the university’s risk management services ensure a conducive environment for academic activities. Consequently, contact teaching and learning continue uninterrupted across all UKZN campuses.


In the midst of these intricate dynamics, the EFF Student Command’s steadfast commitment to transparent representation and adherence to peaceful methods stands out. As the situation evolves, stakeholders watch closely for further developments in this unfolding narrative.

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