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Equity and Innovation: Advocate Tommy Ntsewa’s Promise as Potential Public Protector



Equity and Innovation: Advocate Tommy Ntsewa's Promise as Potential Public Protector

Equity and Innovation: Advocate Tommy Ntsewa’s Promise as Potential Public Protector. Advocate Tommy Ntsewa is a strong contender for the position of Public Protector, affirming his commitment to equitable treatment of all complaints. Drawing from his extensive legal experience, Ntsewa emphasizes that no complaint should be prioritized over another, ensuring fairness and justice for all.

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Diverse Background and Expertise

Advocate Ntsewa, currently chairing the NSFAS Independent Appeal Tribunal, boasts a rich career spanning public and private sectors. His familiarity with complex cases equips him well for the challenges of the Public Protector role.

Championing Investigative Excellence

In response to questions about investigative prowess, Ntsewa highlights his training during his transition to SAPS from non-statutory forces in 1994.

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Innovative Solutions for Limited Resources

Addressing resource limitations, Ntsewa backs a proposal for state organs to fund Public Protector investigations, inspired by the Auditor General South Africa’s model. He also proposes an anti-corruption fund, encouraging state entities to allocate a portion of budgets to combat corruption and maladministration.

Empowering Marginalized Voices

Ntsewa underscores the importance of reaching remote communities, advocating for community radio stations as vital platforms. He introduces “Public Protector Meets the People,” featuring interactive Imbizos to connect with communities and comprehend their concerns.

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Seamless Digital Accessibility

Recognizing digital advancements, Ntsewa calls for an enhanced digital framework for complaint submissions, ensuring easy accessibility and efficiency.

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Advocate Tommy Ntsewa’s aspiration for the Public Protector role centers on impartiality, innovative resource management, and inclusive outreach. His diverse expertise makes him a compelling candidate poised to drive positive change.

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