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Good News R999 Basic Income Grant to Address Unemployment and Rising Living Costs



Good News R999 Basic Income Grant to Address Unemployment and Rising Living Costs


In response to the pressing issue of unemployment and the escalating living costs faced by approximately 8 million South Africans, the GOOD Party has introduced a significant proposal to increase the basic income grant. This proposal, known as the “GOOD deal,” aims to tackle poverty by providing a monthly grant of R999 to unemployed individuals. The party asserts that this grant is not only feasible but also essential in fulfilling the constitutional obligation to assist those who are unable to support themselves.

The Importance of a Basic Income Grant:

The GOOD Party firmly believes that providing cash assistance is the most direct and effective means of supporting impoverished individuals with no income. Brett Herron, the Secretary General of the GOOD Party, argues that the government has failed to adequately fulfill its responsibility to assist the impoverished population, thereby neglecting its constitutional obligations.

Constitutional Obligations:

Section 27 of the South African Constitution outlines the entitlements of individuals, including the right to access healthcare services, an adequate supply of food and water, and social security. Social security encompasses suitable social assistance for those who cannot support themselves and their dependents.

The R999 Grant Details:

The proposed R999 grant aligns with the National Development Plan’s objective to eradicate poverty by ensuring that no South African falls below the lower-bound poverty line. In 2022, the lower-bound poverty line was estimated to be R945 per month, whereas the current Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant falls well below this amount. The R999 grant is intended to cover the lower-bound poverty line, with an additional allocation for transportation costs, primarily for job-seeking purposes.

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Discrepancies of the Current Grant:

Currently, beneficiaries of the SRD grant receive R350 per month, an amount that has remained unchanged since its introduction in 2020 and is funded until 31 March 2024. However, the estimated food poverty line as of April 2022 stood at R663 per person per month, indicating that the R350 monthly grant falls significantly short of meeting even half of the current estimated food poverty line.


Eligibility and Impact:

The GOOD Party aims to make the R999 grant accessible to unemployed South Africans aged between 18 and 60. By providing a higher grant amount, the party aims to alleviate financial burdens, reduce poverty, and promote economic stability among the unemployed population.


The GOOD Party’s proposal for a R999 basic income grant seeks to address the pressing challenges of unemployment and rising living costs faced by millions of South Africans. By increasing the grant amount and ensuring its accessibility, the party aims to uplift individuals out of poverty, fulfill constitutional obligations, and create a more inclusive and prosperous society. This proposal is expected to be a key priority in the upcoming general elections, highlighting the importance of addressing socioeconomic disparities in South Africa.

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