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How Much Will the QPP Be Increased in 2024?



How Much Will the QPP Be Increased in 2024?

How Much Will the QPP Be Increased in 2024. Quebec primary pillar of financial stability, the Quebec Pension Plan (QPP), plays a vital role in supporting the workforce. This mandatory public insurance program applies to individuals over 18 earning more than CAD 3,500 annually from employment, with contributions withheld specifically for Quebec-based employees.

Quebec Pension Plan (QPP) Overview

Implemented in 1966, the QPP mirrors the Canada Pension Plan (CPP), serving as a crucial public insurance initiative for Quebec workers. It provides survivors benefits, disability payments, and retirement pensions for those who have worked in Quebec. Both employers and employees contribute to the QPP, ensuring minimum financial security for retirees, their families, and those facing disability or death.

QPP Increase 2024 | Enhancements and Changes

Scheduled for January 1, 2024, the QPP is set to undergo improvements to bolster the financial stability of pensioners. The replacement rate of retirement income will increase from 25% to 33.33%. Here’s a summary of the changes:

  • Contribution Structure: The QPP, enhanced in 2019, now consists of a base plan and an additional plan. Starting 2024, the employee’s contribution will include the base contribution, a first extra contribution, and a second additional contribution.
  • Calculation Changes: Contributions will be computed on the portion of an employee’s pensionable pay exceeding CAD 3,500 up to the annual maximum pensionable earnings under the QPP. The second additional contribution will be based on earnings exceeding the annual maximum pensionable earnings.
  • Proposed Changes: The maximum age for QPP payments will rise to 72, offering flexibility to workers. Those who delay pension commencement can receive an increased QPP pension. Similar to the CPP, employees can choose not to make payments to the QPP after age 65 while continuing to accrue pension credits.
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How to Calculate Quebec Pension Plan (QPP)?

The QPP pension is determined by averaging contributions made to the plan from age 18 until the year of pension application. The age at which one starts receiving the QPP pension influences the amount, considering the duration of plan contributions and work-related earnings.

Quebec Pension Plan (QPP) Contribution 2024

For retirement and handicapped personnel, the QPP covers pension income. Contributions are split equally between employers and employees, with the employer ceasing contributions when an employee’s earnings surpass the maximum pensionable salary or wages under the QPP for the year.

How Quebec Pension Plan (QPP) Works?

The QPP operates as a mandatory public insurance program, enrolling Quebec workers aged 18 or older earning over CAD 3,500 annually from employment. Contributions are shared equally by employers and employees, ensuring financial security for retirees and beneficiaries.



The Quebec Pension Plan (QPP) enhancements in 2024 signify a commitment to bolstering financial stability for retirees. These changes, coupled with flexibility measures, aim to provide a more robust support system for Quebec’s workforce.

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