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How To Apply For SRD SASSA Grant In 2024



How To Apply For SRD SASSA Grant In 2024

How To Apply For SRD SASSA Grant In 2024. The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) continues its commitment to offering relief through the Special Relief of Distress (SRD) grant. If you’re in need of financial aid, here’s a detailed guide on securing the SRD SASSA 2024 grant.

How To Apply For SRD SASSA Grant In 2024

Step 1: Choose Your Application Channel

You have several options to apply for the SRD SASSA 2024 grant:

  1. WhatsApp Application: Send a message to 082 046 8553, follow the prompts, receive a reference number and OTP, then proceed with the application via a provided link.
  2. Website Application: Visit, enter your ID number and mobile, receive an OTP, and verify it to continue the application process.
  3. SASSA Chatbot: Visit, interact with the chatbot, provide your ID and mobile number, and follow the given instructions.

Step 2: Agree to Terms and Conditions

Read and accept the Declaration and Consent Document and understand the contents of the You and Your Special COVID-19 SRD Grant document.

Step 3: Provide Personal Details

Enter essential personal information like ID number, name, surname, address, and gender.

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Step 4: Submit Banking Details/Choose Payment Option

Depending on your banking situation, follow the appropriate category:

  • New Applicant with Personal Bank Account: Provide bank details and agree to terms.
  • New Applicant without Personal Bank Account: Choose the Cash Send option and agree to terms.
  • Existing Client: Confirm existing banking details and submit.
  • SASSA clients with Cash Send option: Provide bank details and agree to terms.

Step 5: Receive Confirmation SMS

After updating banking details, expect an SMS confirming your SRD R350 Grant application activation.

Step 6: Verification and Validation

Your details will undergo verification against various databases. Applications are approved or declined with reasons provided.


Step 7: Check Application Status

Monitor your application status via the SRD website, WhatsApp, or by contacting the toll-free call center.

Step 8: Reconsideration

If declined, request reconsideration within 30 days through the SRD website or call center.

Step 9: Grant Cancellation

To cancel your SRD grant application, visit the SRD website, provide necessary details, and follow cancellation prompts.

Step 10: Grant Reinstatement

To reinstate a cancelled application, visit the SRD website, provide required details, and agree to terms.

General Information

For further assistance or inquiries:


Applying for the SRD SASSA 2024 grant is straightforward, designed to offer crucial support during challenging times. Follow each step diligently for a seamless application process.


Securing the SRD SASSA 2024 grant involves a simple yet crucial process. By following the outlined steps and utilizing the available channels, applicants can access much-needed financial relief efficiently and effectively.

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