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How to Track Your IRS Refund Using Your Social Security Number



How to Track Your IRS Refund Using Your Social Security Number

How to Track Your IRS Refund Using Your Social Security Number. If your American awaiting your tax refund, and it seems to be taking longer than the usual 21 days, there could be reasons for the delay.

In such cases, it advisable to reach out to the IRS, especially if it been more than 21 days since you filed your return. The IRS might require additional information, such as proof of identity, bank account details, or more details about your return.

Understanding IRS Refund Delays

Waiting for your tax refund can be challenging, especially if you need the funds for important expenses. Here, we’ll explore the potential reasons behind the delay in processing your tax return, provide insights into checking the IRS Refund Tracker efficiently, and guide you on how to track your IRS refund using your SSN (Social Security Number).

IRS Refund Tracker Overview

The IRS offers an online tool, “Where’s My Refund?” that enables you to electronically track the progress of your tax refund. You can use this service as soon as 24 hours after e-filing your tax return (or four weeks after filing a paper return). Additionally, the IRS2Go app allows smartphone users to access the IRS Refund Tracker. To utilize the tracker, you’ll need:

  1. Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) or Social Security Number
  2. Filing status (head of household, single, married filing jointly, married filing separately, etc.)
  3. IRS Refund amount for 2023 as indicated on your tax return
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IRS Refund Tracker Statuses

When you enter the required information, one of three status settings will appear:

  • Return Received: Your tax return is with the IRS, and they are processing it.
  • Refund Approved: Your tax refund is on its way after the IRS has completed processing your return. The IRS will either mail the funds or deposit them directly if you chose direct deposit.
  • Refund Sent: Your refund check is in the mail, or the IRS has electronically deposited the funds into your bank account. The IRS updates the status of refunds once a day, typically overnight.

Reasons for IRS Refund Delays

Several reasons might lead to a delay in receiving your IRS tax refund in the USA. These include errors on the form, incomplete returns, adjustments needed for refunds, identity fraud or theft, and additional scrutiny related to tax credits. The “Where’s My Refund” tool may provide insights into the cause of the delay, with Tax Topic 203 appearing if the IRS has reduced the refund amount.

What to Do if Your IRS Refund is Delayed

If your tax refund is taking longer than expected, verify that the information on your return is accurate. The IRS might lack necessary details, causing delays. Utilize the “Where’s My Refund?” service to check for any IRS notifications and to provide additional information if requested.


It advisable to contact your local IRS office or call the IRS at 800-829-1040 for further assistance. The IRS generally prefers taxpayers to initiate contact, considering the rise in false returns.

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How to Track IRS Refund Using SSN Number

  1. Visit “Get Your Refund Status” > “Check Your Refund” on the IRS website.
  2. Choose your filing status and enter your Social Security or ITIN.
  3. Enter the exact refund amount from your tax return.
  4. Click submit to track your IRS refund using your SSN.

If your e-filed return remains unfiled for more than 21 days or if the IRS refund status tool directs you to do so, contact the IRS. If there are discrepancies in the refund amount, the IRS will provide details via mail.


Timely communication with the IRS, accurate filing, and utilizing the IRS Refund Tracker are crucial steps in ensuring a smooth tax refund process. Stay informed, address any potential issues promptly, and track your refund efficiently for a hassle-free experience.

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