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IRS Amended Return Status Check | Tracking Online Or By Phone Number?



IRS Amended Return Status Check | Tracking Online Or By Phone Number?

IRS Amended Return Status Check | Tracking Online Or By Phone Number. Discovering an error on your tax return or realizing you missed out on a significant tax refund or deduction can be frustrating. Fortunately, rectifying such errors is possible by submitting an amended tax return. This article will guide you through tracking your IRS Amended Return Status, offering insights into the process and timelines.

Understanding IRS Amended Return Status

When you need to correct a mistake on your tax return from a previous year, you submit what’s known as an amended return. This can be done up to three years after your initial return was filed. However, it’s important to note that amended returns cannot be filed online like regular returns. The IRS estimates that processing an amended return and issuing a refund can take up to 20 weeks.

Here’s a breakdown of the timeline:

  1. Submission: After submitting your amended return, it takes approximately three weeks for the IRS to receive and enter it into their system.
  2. Processing: The processing of your return, along with the issuance of a refund or a tax bill, can take up to 16 weeks after it enters the system.
  3. Tracking: To monitor the progress of your amended return, you can use either of the following methods.
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Tracking IRS Amended Tax Return Status

To track the status of your amended tax return (Form 1040X), you have two straightforward options:

Track Online

  1. Ensure you have an internet-connected device.
  2. Visit
  3. Navigate to the “Where’s My Revised Return” section.

Track by Phone

  1. Call 866-464-2050.
  2. Inquire about the status of your amended return.

Amended Tax Return Timeline

Understanding the timeline for amended tax returns is crucial:

  • The IRS system may take up to 3 weeks to update with your amended return’s information.
  • The processing of your return can take up to 16 weeks.
  • If your case takes longer than this, it’s advisable to verify the status of your amended return.

Interpreting Different Amended Statuses

When checking the status of your return, you might encounter various outcomes, including:

  • Return received: Indicates that your amended return has been received and is being processed. Processing can take up to 16 weeks from this point.
  • Return adjusted: Implies that adjustments were made to your original return. Depending on these corrections, it may result in a tax refund, a balance owed, or no change to your tax liability.
  • Return completed: Indicates that the IRS has finished processing your return and is sending you the necessary documentation.

The IRS advises checking the system daily for updates since the “Where’s My Amended Return” database updates only once a day, typically late at night.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1) When should you submit a corrected tax return?

Ans:- You should submit a revised return for various reasons, including errors in reporting income, filing status, claiming or amending deductions, or making refund claims or corrections. However, you may not need to amend your return for simple mistakes, like forgetting to attach a W-2 or arithmetic errors, as the IRS typically catches these during processing.

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Q2) Will the IRS know if you don’t amend your return?

Ans:- While the IRS typically audits tax returns from the previous three years, it’s advisable to come clean about mistakes sooner rather than later. Delaying could result in interest and penalties on unpaid tax debts, making the cost of fixing errors higher.


Q3) What happens if the IRS rejects your amended return?

Ans:- If the IRS rejects your amended return, they will formally deny your claim and send you a notice of claim disallowance. At this point, you have three options: accept their denial, challenge it, or bring a lawsuit in federal court. This process may extend the time it takes to receive your refund, potentially up to three months. You can easily verify the IRS Amended Return Status on the IRS website.

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