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IRS Deposit Dates 2024: When Will I Receive My Tax Refund?



IRS Deposit Dates 2023: When will I get my tax refund?

IRS Deposit Dates 2024: When Will I Receive My Tax Refund?The official Direct Deposit Dates for 2024 have not been released by the Internal Revenue Service. However, based on previous year trends, we’ve compiled an estimated IRS Refund Schedule for 2024. This will help you gauge when you might receive your tax refund in your bank account after e-filing.

IRS Deposit Dates 2024: When will I get my tax refund?

Traditionally, the Internal Revenue Service would release the tax refund schedule annually. This year, however, they have not disclosed the reason for not doing so. The electronic tax refund filing period is from January 13 to April 18, 2024. With many having already filed their tax refunds, there’s growing curiosity about the expected wait time for the refund.

Estimated IRS Deposit Dates 2024

The IRS DEPOSIT DATES 2024 provided in the table above are not official. If you’ve e-filed your tax refund, typically, your direct deposit is processed within 7 to 10 days. The table provides an estimated IRS Direct Deposit Date for 2024. Please note, there might be a variation of 2 to 3 days for the tax deposit generation.

Accepted  Direct Deposit  Paper Check
Jan 23 to 28, 2024 Feb 17, 2024 Feb 24, 2024
Jan 29 to Feb 4, 2024 Feb 24, 2024 Mar 3, 2024
Feb 5 to 11, 2024 Mar 3, 2024 Mar 10, 2024
Feb 12 to 18, 2024 Mar 10, 2024 Mar 17, 2024
Feb 19 to 25, 2024 Mar 17, 2024 Mar 24, 2024
Feb 26 to Mar 4, 2024 Mar 24, 2024 Mar 31, 2024
Mar 5 to Mar 11, 2024 Mar 31, 2024 Apr 7, 2024
Mar 12 to 18, 2024 Apr 7, 2024 April 14, 2024
Mar 19 to 25, 2024 Apr 14, 2024 Apr 21, 2024
Mar 26 to Apr 1, 2024 Apr 21, 2024 Apr 28, 2024
Apr 2 to 8, 2024 Apr 28, 2024 May 5, 2024
Apr 9 to 15, 2024 May 5, 2024 May 12, 2024
Apr 16 to 22, 2024 May 12, 2024 May 19, 2024
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Understanding the IRS Tax Refund Process 2024

Once you e-file your tax refund, the Internal Revenue Service accepts it on the same day. The refund status is usually approved within 10 days. Following this, direct deposits are typically sent within 7 to 12 days. After the direct deposit, paper checks are mailed within a week.


For instance, if you filed your IRS tax refund between January 23 and 28, 2024, you can anticipate your direct deposits by February 17, 2024, and paper checks by February 24, 2024.

When Will the IRS Accept 2024 Returns?

The IRS has confirmed that e-filed tax refunds are generally issued within 3 weeks. After e-filing, it takes about 10 to 12 days for the tax refund status to be approved. Once approved, paper checks are mailed within a week.

While many websites offer IRS tax refund schedules, none can definitively state the exact deposit date as the IRS doesn’t release Tax Return Calendars. Our shared schedule is based on last year’s trends, so your refund might be processed a few days before or after the projected date.

For those who haven’t used e-filing, the direct deposit of the refund might take more than 4 weeks.

IRS Deposit Dates 2024: FAQs


How long after the refund status is approved are direct deposits sent?

  • Direct deposits are typically sent 10 to 12 business days after the IRS approves the refund status.

What’s the last date to e-file an IRS Tax Refund?

  • The deadline for e-filing IRS refunds is April 18, 2024.
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