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IRS Refund Timeline 2024: Important Dates for Federal Tax Return



IRS Refund Timeline 2024: Important Dates For Federal Tax Return

IRS Refund Timeline 2024: Important Dates for Federal Tax Return. Stay updated with the latest news regarding IRS Refund Timeline 2024 and important dates for your federal tax return.

IRS Refund Timeline 2024

In the United States, tax season holds significance for both individuals and businesses. Starting January 29, 2024, the IRS will commence receiving and processing income tax returns, officially marking the beginning of the tax season. Taxpayers should note April 15, 2024, as the deadline for filing returns. However, residents of Maine and Massachusetts have until April 17, 2024, due to state holidays. According to IRS guidelines, most refunds are expected to be issued within 21 days after the acceptance of the tax return.

When to Expect IRS Refund 2024?

Upon receiving the tax return, the IRS endeavors to issue electronic refunds within 21 days for error-free and simple returns. For electronically filed forms with direct deposit and no Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) or Additional Child Tax Credit (ACTC), refunds may be available as early as mid- to late-February. Refunds involving EITC or ACTC may be delayed until February 27 for electronic filers, as additional eligibility checks are conducted.

IRS Refund Timeline Overview

Article Title IRS Refund Timeline 2024
Country USA
Provided By Internal Revenue Services
Tax Filing Start Date January 29, 2024
Refund Issue Duration Within 21 days of filing tax return.
Complete Information Find Here
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Important Dates for Federal Tax Return

It’s crucial for taxpayers to be aware of key dates throughout the tax season to ensure timely and accurate filing. These dates include the start of the tax filing season, various tax payment deadlines, and the final filing date.

  • The tax filing season officially begins on January 29, 2024.
  • For most of the country, the deadline for submitting tax returns and payments is April 15, 2024.
  • October 15, 2024, marks the deadline for individuals who have filed tax returns with an extension request.
  • The earliest date for tax refunds to arrive is February 15.
  • June 15 is the deadline for American citizens abroad, including those in the armed forces stationed overseas, to file their 2023 tax returns.

Tracking IRS Refund 2024

To track the status of your refund, use the IRS2Go app or visit the “Where’s My Refund?” page on Additionally, you can contact the automated refund hotline at 800-829-1954. Keep in mind that the speed of receiving your refund depends on various factors, and exercise caution regarding any communications regarding your refund before it’s actually processed.

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