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Latest News About NSFAS Today 29th February



Latest News About NSFAS Today 29th February

Latest News About NSFAS Today 29th February. The National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) remains a crucial lifeline for over a million students, facilitating access to postsecondary education through bursaries and loans. However, transitions between educational institutions often raise questions regarding funding continuity and application processes. Here’s the latest news regarding NSFAS on February 29th.

Latest News About NSFAS Today 29th February

Transitioning Between Institutions

When students opt to switch from one college or university to another, whether it’s from a Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) college to a university or vice versa, certain procedures come into play.

NSFAS Financing Coverage

NSFAS funding encompasses various aspects of student expenses, including registration fees, tuition, and allowances aimed at assisting students in meeting the costs associated with pursuing higher education degrees.

Continuing vs. Returning Students

Understanding the distinction between continuing and returning students is essential. Continuing students are those presently enrolled in an approved program at an institution, previously supported by NSFAS, and still meet the eligibility criteria both financially and academically. Conversely, returning students, typically seniors, must reapply for financing.

Application Process For Transfers

Students transitioning between institutions are required to reapply for financial aid through NSFAS. It’s crucial to note that funding is available for only one degree at a time from a single institution. Additionally, NSFAS funds solely cover the student’s initial certification.


Key Points To Remember

  • Students moving between institutions need to reapply for NSFAS funding.
  • Funding is exclusive to one degree at a time from one institution.
  • NSFAS provides assistance for the initial certification only.
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Staying informed about NSFAS policies and procedures is vital for students navigating educational transitions, ensuring uninterrupted financial support throughout their academic journey. Stay tuned for further updates on NSFAS and its impact on student financing.

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