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Latest NSFAS News Today 18 December 2023



Latest NSFAS News Today 18 December 2023

Latest NSFAS News Today 18 December 2023. The National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) in South Africa has undergone significant changes as a result of the latest developments on December 18th, 2023. The next phase of a funding model aimed at supporting the “missing middle” students was approved by Blade Nzimande,

Minister of Higher Education. Individuals from this group come from households that are financially capable of affording tertiary education but do not meet the NSFAS eligibility criteria. As a result of this decision, there have been both enthusiasm and skepticism, prompting discussions about its feasibility and possible impact on the existing funding model.

NSFAS Funding for the Missing Middle Students

A crucial gap in the education system was addressed by Minister Nzimande announcement, catering to students who, despite not being eligible for NSFAS, still needed assistance.

However, questions have emerged about the practicality and effects of this new funding approach. Funds should be distributed uniformly among applicants or strategically prioritized in accordance with the skills of the nation.

The Evolving Landscape of NSFAS Skills

He argues that in a rapidly evolving technological landscape, predicting future workforce skills is challenging. Professor Jonathan Jansen from Stellenbosch University challenges conventional ideas about linking funding to specific academic disciplines. In her essay, Jansen argues that humanities degrees are essential and asks whether education should primarily emphasize practical problem-solving skills or include fundamental human values as well.


Addressing Corruption within NSFAS

As NSFAS discusses funding allocation, Professor Jansen points out that addressing corruption effectively could secure adequate funding for a wide range of academic pursuits. NSFAS has been plagued by irregularities in appointments and the direct allowance payment system, necessitating urgent action to ensure fair fund distribution and restore trust.

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While the recent approval of funding for missing middle students is a positive stride, ongoing debates surround its feasibility and impact on the existing NSFAS model. Professor Jansen perspective emphasizes the dynamic nature of skills and the need for a diverse approach to funding.

Furthermore, addressing corruption is deemed critical for ensuring transparent fund allocation and restoring confidence in the system.

As South Africa navigates these changes, striking a balance between funding for missing middle students, aligning with economic needs, and combating corruption is vital. This comprehensive approach aims to foster inclusivity and transparency in higher education, ultimately benefiting all students.

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