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Listen | Nzimande Suggests Nsfas Funding for Certain Programs and Degrees



Listen | Nzimande Suggests Nsfas Funding for Certain Programs and Degrees

LISTEN | Nzimande suggests NSFAS funding for certain programs and degrees. A recent parliamentary address by Blade Nzimande, Minister of Higher Education, Science, and Innovation, advocated an approach to funding the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS).

As a result of the minister’s recommendations, certain degrees, programs, and certificates are prioritized based on the country’s specific needs.

Addressing Funding Gaps | A Call for Discrimination with Purpose

Nzimande acknowledges the need for targeted allocation of NSFAS funds, which he calls “discrimination.” This discrimination is intended to align funds with the broader national priorities and requirements for education.

Expanding Access | The Role of the College Sector

It is important to establish a robust college sector before implementing this targeted approach, according to Minister Nzimande. As a result of this expanded sector, more students would have access to tertiary education even if they are not able to secure funding for university education.

2024 Academic Year Readiness | Ministerial Overview

An overview of the government’s preparations to implement the proposed changes to NSFAS funding was presented by the minister during the parliamentary session.


The “Missing Middle” Dilemma | A Mixed System Solution

His proposed solution consists of implementing a mixed system combining loans and bursaries for households earning between R350,000 and R600,000. Minister Nzimande addresses the financial challenges faced by households in the “missing middle” income bracket (between R350,000 and R600,000 annually). In addition, he prefers Postbank to manage the loan component for the “missing middle.”

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Financial Stability | Addressing Allowance Delays and Funding Shortfalls

With R3.8 billion raised for the “missing middle,” the minister reports a significant financial boost. This injection aims to alleviate the challenges faced by students in this income bracket, providing a more sustainable funding model.

Challenges and Accountability | NSFAS Blames Universities for Payment Failures

The address also touched upon recent challenges faced by NSFAS particularly the delayed allowances affecting thousands of students. Universities’ data management systems were cited as the cause, emphasizing the need to address systemic issues for more efficient fund disbursement.


Minister Nzimanden  proposals outline a comprehensive strategy for NSFAS funding, aiming to align financial assistance with the nation’s educational priorities while addressing challenges to ensure a more inclusive and accountable system.

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