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Non SASSA Declaration Form NSFAS



Non SASSA Declaration Form NSFAS

Non SASSA Declaration Form NSFAS. The Non SASSA Declaration Form is a vital document for students applying for financial aid through the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) in South Africa. This article aims to provide a thorough understanding of this form, its importance, and how to navigate it effectively.

What is the Non SASSA Declaration Form?

The Non SASSA Declaration Form is a document required by NSFAS to determine a student’s eligibility for financial assistance. It is specifically designed for students who are not recipients of grants from the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA). This form helps NSFAS assess the financial status of applicants accurately and allocate funds accordingly.

Importance Of The Non SASSA Declaration Form

The Non SASSA Declaration Form plays a crucial role in the NSFAS application process. It allows NSFAS to differentiate between students who receive SASSA grants and those who do not, ensuring that financial aid is distributed equitably among eligible candidates. By accurately declaring non-SASSA status, applicants provide NSFAS with essential information to determine their financial need and allocate funds appropriately.

Completing the Non SASSA Declaration Form

When completing the Non SASSA Declaration Form, applicants must provide honest and accurate information about their financial situation. This includes details of household income, assets, expenses, and any other relevant financial commitments. It’s essential to fill out the form carefully and double-check all information to avoid discrepancies that could affect the application process.

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Submission And Verification Process

Once the Non SASSA Declaration Form is completed, it must be submitted along with the rest of the required documentation for NSFAS application. NSFAS will then verify the information provided on the form, which may involve cross-referencing with other financial records or conducting interviews with applicants. It’s crucial for applicants to cooperate fully with NSFAS during this verification process to ensure their eligibility for financial aid.


Tips For Success

To increase the chances of a successful NSFAS application, applicants should follow these tips when completing the Non SASSA Declaration Form:

  1. Provide accurate information: Ensure all details provided on the form are truthful and up-to-date.
  2. Double-check for errors: Review the form carefully before submission to avoid any mistakes or inconsistencies.
  3. Include supporting documents: Attach any additional documentation requested by NSFAS to support the information provided on the form.
  4. Meet deadlines: Submit the completed form and all required documents within the specified timeframe to avoid delays in processing.


The Non SASSA Declaration Form is a critical component of the NSFAS application process for students in South Africa. By understanding its purpose, importance, and proper completion, applicants can increase their chances of receiving the financial assistance they need to pursue their education. It’s essential to approach the form with honesty, diligence, and attention to detail to ensure a smooth application process and timely disbursement of funds.

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