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How do you know that your NSFAS appeal is Final



How do you know that your NSFAS appeal is successful

NSFAS provides comprehensive bursaries to students from financially disadvantaged backgrounds.

A student must be enrolled in an approved program at a public university or Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) college to be eligible to receive a NSFAS scholarship. 

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Your NSFAS Appeal Status Final

According to NSFAS, over one million students will be funded during the 2023 academic year. Many of the students who applied for the NSFAS bursary in 2023 were unsuccessful. 

A NSFAS appeal application is available for unsuccessful NSFAS applicants who believe their bursary application was denied incorrectly.

Students have been checking the NSFAS website to see how their appeal application is progressing. There have been some reports of appeal application statuses remaining unchanged. 


How do you know that your NSFAS Appeal is Successful

Students who applied for funding in 2023 are currently having their appeals reviewed by NSFAS. Depending on the findings of NSFAS, the timing of your appeal application may change. 

There is a reassessment of appeals in progress, and some statuses are not final and may change. Monitor the portal and if the rejected status changes, you might be funded, but if it doesn’t change, you won’t be. 

The NSFAS appeal status may change from time to time, so students are advised to continue to check their appeal status. 

A successful NSFAS appeal application will result in comprehensive financial aid from the financial aid program.


You will be covered for your tuition and registration fees by the NSFAS bursary. Several allowances will also be provided to you, including an accommodation allowance, a living allowance, and an allowance for learning materials. 

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