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NSFAS Begins More Than 1.24-Million Students Provisionally Funded



NSFAS Begins More Than 1.24-Million Students Provisionally Funded

NSFAS Begins More Than 1.24-Million Students Provisionally Funded. The National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) has made significant strides in supporting tertiary education for South African students, with over 1.2 million students provisionally funded for the 2024 academic year.

However, alongside this positive progress, around 240,000 bursary applications faced rejection, indicating the stringent evaluation process undertaken by NSFAS to ensure efficient allocation of resources.

Application Overview And Progress

As of February 16, NSFAS had received a staggering 1,936,330 applications, marking a substantial demand for financial assistance in pursuing higher education. By March 1, 1,244,854 students had been provisionally funded, underlining the scheme’s commitment to facilitating access to education.

However, a considerable number of applications are still undergoing evaluation or await submission of supporting documents, highlighting the ongoing effort to streamline the application process.

Loan Assistance for Eligible Students

In addition to bursary provisions, NSFAS received 30,728 loan applications, aiming to cater to students falling outside the bursary income threshold yet within the loan eligibility criteria. This initiative reflects NSFAS’s broader commitment to supporting a diverse range of students in their academic pursuits.


Addressing Operational Challenges

Acknowledging challenges faced during the commencement of the academic year, NSFAS has proactively engaged with educational institutions to ensure timely disbursement of allowances. The scheme’s responsiveness to feedback regarding the effectiveness of its call center demonstrates a commitment to enhancing user experience and resolving queries promptly.

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Financial Disbursements And Allocation

NSFAS disbursed significant sums to universities and Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) colleges, with upfront payments made to facilitate student allowances and accommodation costs.

Furthermore, plans are underway to disburse additional funds to cater to three months’ worth of allowances based on January-March registration figures, underscoring NSFAS ongoing support throughout the academic year.

Implementation Of Recommendations

NSFAS has taken proactive steps towards implementing recommendations outlined in the Werksmans Attorneys report, aiming to address procurement systems and management deficiencies.

By enhancing accountability and transparency, NSFAS endeavors to uphold public trust and confidence in its operations while ensuring equitable access to financial aid for deserving students.



The NSFAS commitment to facilitating access to higher education through comprehensive financial aid initiatives is evident in its proactive measures and continuous improvement efforts. As it navigates challenges and implements reforms, NSFAS remains steadfast in its mission to empower students and foster academic excellence across South Africa.

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