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NSFAS Board on Leave of Absence of the Chairperson



NSFAS Board on Leave of Absence of the Chairperson

NSFAS Board on Leave of Absence of the Chairperson. In a special meeting convened to discuss the state of readiness for the 2024 academic year, the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) Board delves into significant developments regarding its Chairperson.

Chairperson Voluntary Leave

During the meeting, Mr. Ernest Khosa, the Board Chairperson, voluntarily declared a 30-day leave of absence. This decision aimed to allow the Board to address allegations raised against him, particularly those found in recordings disseminated by the Organisation Undoing Tax Abuse (OUTA).

Denial of Wrongdoing

Mr. Khosa clarified to the Board that he neither received personal financial gratification nor facilitated any for the Minister of Higher Education, Science and Innovation or the South African Communist Party. Additionally, he expressed concerns about threats made against his and his family’s lives.

Board Communication to Minister

Promptly, the Board notified Prof Blade Nzimande, the Minister of Higher Education, Science, and Innovation, about the Chairperson leave. According to the NSFAS Act, the Minister holds the fiduciary responsibility to appoint an acting board chairperson in the absence of the chairperson.

Board Appreciation and Actions

The NSFAS Board extends gratitude to Mr. Khosa for his responsible and voluntary decision, viewing it as a commitment to good corporate governance, transparency, and accountability. It emphasizes that this action should not be construed as an admission of guilt.


Independent Investigation

The Board decided to appoint an independent legal firm to investigate the veracity of the allegations against Mr. Khosa. The firm, to be announced shortly, will be expected to present its findings within 30 days of appointment.

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Commitment to Due Diligence

The Board assures the public that the investigative process will be conducted with due diligence and integrity, emphasizing its commitment to transparency.

Ensuring a Seamless 2024 Academic Year

The NSFAS Board reiterates its dedication to collaborating with stakeholders in the post-school education and training sector. This commitment includes ensuring a successful start to the 2024 academic year and the appointment of a new Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

Positive Progress on Applications

The Board reports that the 2024 application process is progressing well, with applications reaching 900,000. It encourages prospective students to apply for the bursary while awaiting their final matriculation results.

Acknowledgment of Support

Lastly, the Board expresses gratitude to Mr. Khosa family for their support throughout this challenging period.



The NSFAS Board remains committed to upholding its responsibilities and ensuring the continued success of the financial aid scheme for students in South Africa.

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