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NSFAS Claims To Have Unpaid Allowances but Students Slam It



NSFAS Claims To Have Unpaid Allowances but Students Slam It

NSFAS Claims To Have Unpaid Allowances but Students Slam It. The National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) has come under fire for delays in disbursing allowances to students for the 2023 academic year. Despite NSFAS claiming to be addressing the issue, student unions argue that these efforts are mere excuses.

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Student Union Concerns

Asive Dlanjwa, spokesperson for the South African Union of Students (SAUS), expresses deep concern and frustration over the ongoing crisis involving NSFAS. The delay in allowance payments severely impacts students, leaving many without essential funds.

Immediate Impact on Students

The failure to pay allowances for November 2023 has left over a thousand students at North-West University in a dire situation. Students face hunger and financial distress, unable to return home due to the lack of funds.

NSFAS Response

NSFAS spokesperson Ishmael Mnisi acknowledges the challenges and assures that efforts are underway to resolve the payment delays. NSFAS is consolidating data and conducting a year-end reconciliation to ensure all entitled students receive their allowances.

Reconciliation Process

The reconciliation process is crucial for accurate disbursal of allowances, addressing over or under-disbursement issues, and accommodating changes in allowance types based on students’ living arrangements.


Acknowledgment of Delays

Mnisi acknowledges the severe impact of delays on students and expresses regret. NSFAS is committed to preventing such lapses in the future and is actively working to streamline the payment process.

Student Union Critique

SAUS spokesperson Dlanjwa rejects NSFAS explanations, deeming them “absolute rubbish” and “nonsense.” They argue that the continuous crises since the introduction of the current payment system raise concerns about the competency and potential sabotage within NSFAS.

System Glitches and Competency Concerns

Dlanjwa questions the competence of NSFAS, highlighting repeated glitches and emphasizing the inconceivability of such problems for an institution of NSFAS’s magnitude. Concerns are raised about the implications for students and the scheme’s ability to fulfill its mandate.

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The challenges faced by students, according to SAUS, go beyond teething problems and point to broader issues within NSFAS. Engagements with the Department of Higher Education and other stakeholders are part of SAUS multifaceted strategy to address these concerns and ensure the well-being of students relying on financial aid.

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