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NSFAS Condemns Intimidation, Hostage-Taking By Private Accommodations



NSFAS Condemns Intimidation, Hostage-Taking By Private Accommodations

NSFAS Condemns Intimidation, Hostage-Taking By Private Accommodations. The National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) has come out strongly against reported incidents of intimidation and the holding hostage of its officials at a university campus.



The unsettling occurrence took place following a meeting convened by the NSFAS board sub-committee on student accommodation, in collaboration with the University of Zululand (UniZulu) management and various accommodation providers on March 5.

The Meeting And Its Resolutions

During the meeting, it was agreed that NSFAS would dispatch officials to facilitate the on-boarding process for all eligible students currently residing in private accommodations. The primary objective was to ensure that accommodation providers received due payment for all students approved for accommodation allowances under the NSFAS scheme.


Unfortunate Incident And NSFAS Response

In response to the unfortunate incident, NSFAS has vowed to take decisive action against the accommodation providers involved in the act of intimidation at UniZulu.

The scheme has also urged institutions, particularly Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) colleges, and students yet to be on-boarded on the scheme’s portal to do so promptly. This is to ensure that accommodation allowances are disbursed without any delays.

Accommodation providers have been specifically requested to ensure that all leases generated through the portal are duly signed by all residing students.

Stance Against Corruption and Bribery

NSFAS has reiterated its firm stance against any forms of corruption and bribery within its operations. It has clarified that it does not engage with unaccredited accommodation providers and emphasizes a zero-tolerance policy towards corruption. The scheme has pledged to collaborate with law enforcement agencies to investigate reported cases of corruption, including alleged collusion between accrediting agents, accommodation providers, institution officials, and student leaders.

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Ensuring Fairness and Accountability

To prevent further exploitation of students, NSFAS has announced plans to conduct sting operations at institutions. These operations aim to ensure that students are not subjected to any form of exploitation and that the disbursement of allowances is conducted fairly and transparently.


Updates On Allowance Payments

In an effort to avoid delays in the payment of student allowances, NSFAS provided updates on the progress of payments for the 2023 academic year. According to NSFAS, 25 out of 26 universities have received their February allowances for various expenses, including books, accommodation, transport, food, and personal care, as per the committed dates.

The South African institution, University of South Africa (Unisa), is reportedly in the final stages of determining allowances based on the number of modules registered by students.

NSFAS had previously announced the advancement of funds to universities and TVET colleges to facilitate the direct payment of student allowances. However, direct payments for the 2024 academic year are set to commence in April 2024.


NSFAS remains committed to ensuring transparency, fairness, and accountability in its operations, while safeguarding the interests of students and upholding the integrity of the financial aid scheme.

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