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NSFAS Could be Affected by Budget Cuts at the National Treasury



NSFAS Could be Affected by Budget Cuts at the National Treasury

NSFAS could be affected by budget cuts at the National Treasury. Minister Nzimande has expressed concerns about the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) in light of recent budget cuts imposed by the National Treasury. Universities have been delayed in communicating funding details for the upcoming academic year because of the uncertainty surrounding these cuts.

Response to Austerity Measures

Minister Nzimande and his team have begun working to address the challenges posed by the budget cuts following the delivery of the Medium Term Budget Policy Statement (MTBPS) by Finance Minister Enoch Godongwana. These financial constraints may affect NSFAS even though specific programs are unclear.

University Preparedness for 2024 Academic Year

Student enrollment and funding for the 2024 academic year are already in the process at universities. Unions and other stakeholders have expressed concern about the austerity measures announced by National Treasury, anticipating adverse effects on service delivery.

Monitoring Enrolment Plans

During a briefing with the National Assembly’s portfolio committee on higher education, Minister Nzimande highlighted their continuous monitoring of university enrolment plans for the upcoming year. In anticipation of a letter from National Treasury detailing the extent of budget cuts, which could have an impact on both enrolment and funding allocated to NSFAS, the department is eagerly awaiting it.

Ongoing Engagement with National Treasury

In his presentation, Nzimande stressed the ongoing engagement with National Treasury, indicating that the finalization of matters depends on Treasury’s discussions with various departments. It has been unclear what universities can expect in funding for the 2024 academic year due to the delays in confirming budget allocations.


NSFAS Funding and Future Plans

Approximately R48 billion is received annually by NSFAS, a vital source of financial aid for thousands of students. As a result of lingering budget cut uncertainties, Minister Nzimande has been unable to confirm university allocations for the 2024 academic year.

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Ministerial Letter and Pending Budget Clarifications

Minister Nzimande expressed the need to issue the annual Ministerial letter to universities that specifies the amount of funding each university receives. Until the department and National Treasury can finalize discussions on the potential nature and extent of budget cuts, this process is on hold.


The National Treasury’s budget cuts are casting a shadow of uncertainty over the funding landscape for higher education, with potential implications for both university enrolment plans and the crucial support provided by NSFAS. Minister Nzimande and his team are closely monitoring the situation while actively engaging with National Treasury to clarify the impact of these austerity measures.

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