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NSFAS Distributes Allowances to Over 100,000 TVET College Beneficiaries for September 2023



NSFAS Distributes Allowances to Over 100,000 TVET College Beneficiaries for September 2023

NSFAS Distributes Allowances to Over 100,000 TVET College Beneficiaries for September 2023. In a significant move, the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) has commenced the disbursement of allowances for more than 100,000 beneficiaries enrolled at TVET (Technical and Vocational Education and Training) colleges for the month of September 2023.

This latest development follows the implementation of a new payment system since June. However, the transition has encountered challenges and garnered dissatisfaction among beneficiaries. Nsfas Application status check now.

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Empowering Students Nationwide with NSFAS Funding

NSFAS continues to play a pivotal role in supporting tertiary education for nearly one million students across South Africa’s public universities and TVET colleges. Recently, the scheme disbursed R405 million in allowances to students enrolled in TVET colleges, a financial lifeline for these learners to manage their educational costs.

Navigating Change and Addressing Concerns

The introduction of the new payment system aimed to streamline the distribution process by directly transferring funds to student and NSFAS bank accounts. Despite this innovative approach, discontent surrounding the new payment system persists.

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Overcoming Historical Hurdles

NSFAS has historically grappled with timely allowance distribution, leading to student frustrations. Instances of delayed payments have not only hindered students’ financial stability but also impacted their ability to concentrate on their studies.

Smooth Transition Challenges

The transition to the new payment system has faced hurdles, resulting in confusion and delays in fund distribution. This situation has led to student protests and unrest.

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Defunding Dilemmas and Controversies

In a bid to address issues of eligibility and prevent misuse of funds, NSFAS made the decision to defund more than 40,000 students due to suspected fraudulent claims. This action has ignited controversy, with students challenging the decision and asserting their rightful need for financial aid.

NSFAS Responds and Student Sentiments

NSFAS’s response to defunding has evoked mixed reactions. While the scheme defends its actions as essential for maintaining the credibility of the funding process, students emphasize the importance of transparent communication and a fair appeals process.

Taking Steps to Rectify the Situation

NSFAS has actively collaborated with external entities, including the South African Revenue Service (SARS), state security agencies, and the Department of Home Affairs (DHA), to verify student information and curb fraudulent applications. A comprehensive review of applications led to the defunding of students who were found to have submitted falsified documents.

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The Struggle of the “Missing Middle”

A notable portion of students, often referred to as the “missing middle,” faces significant challenges in accessing higher education due to financial constraints. Despite not meeting the strict NSFAS income thresholds, these students hail from households that struggle to afford the costs of tertiary education.


As NSFAS grapples with the complexities of implementing a new payment system while ensuring the rightful distribution of funds, the issues of education accessibility and financial stability remain at the forefront. The delicate balance between eligibility criteria, accurate documentation, and timely disbursement underscores the ongoing endeavor to make higher education attainable for all deserving students.

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