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NSFAS Fails to Prepare For 2024 | DASO



NSFAS Fails to Prepare For 2024 | DASO

NSFAS Fails to Prepare For 2024 | DASO. During recent oversight visits to prominent universities such as Wits, UJ, TUT, and UP, the Democratic Alliance’s Student Organisation (DASO), in collaboration with the DA Shadow Minister of Higher Education, Chantel King, MP, has brought to light significant shortcomings in the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS). The uncovered issues pose a serious threat to the educational future of many students.

Outstanding Allowances and Registration Uncertainty

As of now, the outstanding allowances of 20,000 students from 2023 remain unpaid, creating uncertainty about their ability to register for the upcoming 2024 academic year. This alarming situation has raised concerns about NSFAS’s apparent lack of preparedness for the challenges ahead.

Uncertainty Surrounding Allowance Distribution

During the oversight visits, a major concern emerged regarding the lack of clarity on which service providers will be responsible for distributing allowances to students in the upcoming academic year. NSFAS’s inadequate planning not only jeopardizes timely fund disbursement but also leaves students in a state of financial uncertainty.

Impact of Budget Cuts

A distressing revelation is the impact of budget cuts from the National Treasury, putting a staggering 87,000 students at risk of being denied funding this year. This poses a direct threat to the fundamental principle of ensuring equitable access to education for all.

Accreditation of Privatec Student Accommodations

Universities have reported a lack of feedback from NSFAS regarding the accreditation of private student accommodations. This raises questions about the readiness and coordination of NSFAS to ensure students have access to suitable living environments.


Student Anxiety and Potential Protests

Students have expressed genuine fears about potential protests and the prospect of being without a place to stay. These concerns are exacerbated by lingering issues of maladministration within NSFAS.

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DASO Call to Action

DASO urgently calls on NSFAS to address these critical issues promptly and engage in transparent communication with all stakeholders, including universities and service providers. The organization emphasizes that the future of students should not be compromised by administrative lapses and financial uncertainties.


In response to these concerns, DASO has launched a petition to advocate for the reform of NSFAS. By signing the petition, individuals can join the call to ensure that no student is left behind, emphasizing the importance of addressing these issues promptly.

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