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NSFAS Flawed Planning Outrages MPs



NSFAS Flawed Planning Outrages MPs

NSFAS Flawed Planning Outrages MPs. The embattled National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) has faced scrutiny from members of the portfolio committee on higher education due to what has been described as a “mess” of flawed planning and implementation of projects and funding. In a recent briefing to the committee, NSFAS addressed concerns regarding student funding and the progress of its student accommodation pilot project, among other issues.

Application Statistics And Challenges

As of February 12, NSFAS has received a staggering 1,904,209 applications, with a further 2024 applications expected to close imminently. Despite these numbers, only 89,998 students have been provisionally funded, leaving a significant backlog of 369,320 students awaiting evaluations. Acting CEO Masile Ramorwesi assured the committee that efforts are underway to expedite these processes, with additional capacity being brought in to address specific cases.

Concerns Raised By MPs

MPs expressed grave concerns over the delays in processing applications, highlighting the impact on students in need. ANC MP Tebogo Letsie emphasized the urgency of finalizing funding decisions to allow students to register for their courses. The delays have led to uncertainty and financial strain for many students, with some even losing their places at institutions due to the inability to pay registration fees.

Issues With Pilot Projects And Accommodation

The committee also raised questions regarding NSFAS’s handling of pilot projects, particularly concerning student accommodation. DA MP Chantel King voiced concerns about students at Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT) who are reportedly sleeping in inadequate conditions due to accommodation shortages. There were also criticisms regarding the lack of clear guidelines and communication surrounding these projects, leading to confusion among institutions and students alike.

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Path Forward

In a positive development, CPUT has been exempted from the accommodation pilot project, allowing them to manage unaccredited private accommodation directly. This decision aims to streamline the process of accommodating remaining unplaced applicants, providing relief to students facing housing crises. The university has opened applications for private accommodation, providing qualifying students with an alternative to university-owned residences.



NSFAS continues to grapple with capacity and registration challenges, prompting calls for improved planning and implementation strategies. Addressing these issues is critical to ensuring that students receive the financial support they need to pursue their education without unnecessary delays or disruptions. Collaboration between NSFAS, educational institutions, and policymakers is essential to overcoming these obstacles and fostering an inclusive and accessible higher education system.

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