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NSFAS Implements ‘Accelerated Processing of Student Allowances’



NSFAS Implements 'Accelerated Processing of Student Allowances'

The National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) has announced the implementation of an “accelerated processing of student allowances.” This move comes as a response to a statement made by Wits University, which claimed that the majority of beneficiaries were still awaiting payment from the scheme.

Ensuring Timely Release of Funding

In a statement issued on Sunday, NSFAS highlighted the importance of timely submission of relevant student registration data in order to facilitate the speedy and comprehensive release of funding. Addressing Wits University’s claim that 8,000 out of 9,950 students had not received their allowances by July 14, 2023, NSFAS clarified that 7,684 student allowances had indeed been paid on that date, in addition to those paid during the end of June payment run. Acknowledging that there are outstanding payments for some NSFAS beneficiaries, the organization pledged to examine these cases and rectify any issues promptly.

Collaboration with Tertiary Institutions

NSFAS emphasized its commitment to collaborating with tertiary institutions to address any obstacles that may hinder the disbursement process. The organization expressed its dedication to achieving universal coverage and ensuring timely disbursements to approved beneficiaries.

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Ongoing Change Management Processes

NSFAS informed the public and stakeholders that there are ongoing change management processes within the organization. These processes primarily focus on the deployment of automated technological solutions to serve students efficiently and at scale. NSFAS urged the public not to be disheartened or impatient with any isolated teething problems that may arise during this system re-engineering, as the overall architecture is progressing on track and receiving the utmost attention and care.

Introduction of the ‘eZaga’ Direct Payment System

Recently, NSFAS has faced criticism regarding the introduction of a new direct payment system called “eZaga.” Under this system, NSFAS will make direct payments into bank accounts using independent service providers, rather than relying on higher learning institutions for disbursements.

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NSFAS remains committed to improving its processes and providing financial aid to students, and it continues to work diligently to address any challenges that arise during this transitional period.

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