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NSFAS Slams Alleged Violence Against Officials At Campus



NSFAS Slams Alleged Violence Against Officials At Campus

NSFAS Slams Alleged Violence Against Officials At Campus. The National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) has expressed strong disapproval and condemnation of reported incidents of violence and intimidation targeted at its officials at various university campuses across South Africa. These alarming events came to light after officials were allegedly subjected to intimidation at a Durban university recently.

NSFAS Assistance Efforts and Challenges

To better serve the needs of students, NSFAS had deployed officials and staff to campuses nationwide, aiming to assist students with inquiries related to the newly implemented direct payment system for NSFAS mastercards. However, the introduction of this system has faced challenges, with students raising concerns about exorbitant bank charges and difficulties accessing their allowances.

Complaints from Students

Some students, particularly members of the Student Representative Council (SRC) at the Durban University of Technology (DUT), have expressed discontent with the new direct payment system. They claim that the system is excluding students from receiving their funding, and they vehemently oppose its operation at the expense of students.

Engagement and Alleged Incitement

A video emerged on social media, featuring a student leader engaging with a representative from eZaga, one of the service providers contracted by NSFAS to handle allowances. The student leader voiced concerns about challenges with the system and concluded by indicating their intent to reject eZaga through street protests. This apparent engagement seems to have prompted NSFAS to release a statement condemning acts of violence and incitement.

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NSFAS’s Firm Response

NSFAS responded to the reported incidents with a resolute stance against violence and intimidation towards its officials. The organization is committed to holding those responsible accountable and is collaborating with law enforcement agencies and relevant authorities to ensure justice is served. NSFAS maintains a zero-tolerance policy towards any harm or intimidation directed at their representatives.


Seeking Long-term Solutions

In addition to addressing immediate security concerns, NSFAS is actively engaging with various stakeholders, including institutions and student representatives, to find lasting solutions that can prevent such incidents from occurring in the future. The goal is to promote a culture of respect and constructive dialogue during the implementation of the new NSFAS allowance payment system.

Promoting Peaceful Resolution

NSFAS is making collaborative efforts to foster a culture of respect, constructive dialogue, and peaceful resolution of any issues or grievances that may arise during the implementation of new initiatives. The scheme remains steadfast in its commitment to providing financial aid to deserving students while also ensuring a safe and conducive environment for its officials.


NSFAS firmly denounces any acts of violence or incitement and is actively working towards finding comprehensive solutions to ensure the well-being of its officials and students alike during the implementation of their new allowance payment system.

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