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NSFAS Tender Dismissed by Blade Nzimande



NSFAS Tender Dismissed by Blade Nzimande

NSFAS Tender Dismissed by Blade Nzimande. Minister Blade Nzimande Faces Another NSFAS Tender Controversy.Minister Blade Nzimande has found himself embroiled in yet another controversy following a report by Netwerk24. The report alleges that the minister awarded a substantial R44 million NSFAS tender to his adviser, Tilson Manyoni.

Denial of Allegations

In a strongly-worded statement, Minister Nzimande categorically denied the accusations, dismissing them as “false and ill-informed suggestions.” He clarified that Tilson Manyoni was not, and has never been, his adviser. The minister emphasized that the names of his advisers are matters of public record and easily accessible.

Compliance with Regulations

Minister Nzimande underscored his adherence to the Public Finance Management Act and applicable Treasury Regulations. He pointed out that ministers are deliberately excluded from the procurement value chain to uphold the integrity of such processes.

Distancing from Procurement Matters

The minister clarified his role as the executive authority, highlighting that he is not directly involved in procurement matters. He urged inquiries related to NSFAS tenders to be directed to the Chief Executive Officer or Board of NSFAS. Nzimande deemed it unfair and mischievous to expect him to address procurement details when responsible entities have their own accounting officers, executives, and boards.

Continued Attempts to Tarnish Reputation

Minister Nzimande asserted that the recent allegations are part of a broader pattern of attempts to tarnish his name. He expressed concern that such distractions could divert the department’s focus from ensuring a smooth start to the 2024 academic year.


Commitment to Academic Year Preparation

Despite the controversy, Minister Nzimande reassured the public of his unwavering commitment to ensuring a seamless beginning to the 2024 academic year.

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NSFAS Response

Responding to the matter, NSFAS defended the legitimacy of Manyoni’s tender, affirming that it met all the necessary requirements. They further clarified that Manyoni was not listed as a government employee, and the company had not declared any conflict of interest during the bidding process.


As Minister Nzimande dismisses the NSFAS tender exposé, the controversy underscores the ongoing challenges faced by public figures. The minister remains steadfast in his commitment to the department’s responsibilities, while NSFAS asserts the legitimacy of the awarded tender. The unfolding developments emphasize the importance of transparency and adherence to regulations in public procurement processes.

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