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NSFAS To Announce 2024 Eligibility Criteria Changes



NSFAS To Announce 2024 Eligibility Criteria Changes

NSFAS To Announce 2024 Eligibility Criteria Changes. The National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) has recently revealed significant updates to its eligibility criteria for the 2024 academic year, affecting over a million students currently receiving funding. New criteria are set to shape the landscape of student financial assistance as the bursary application process unfolds in 2024.

Revised NSFAS Application Period and Concerns

NSFAS addressed concerns regarding the application period, student accommodations, and the modified eligibility criteria in its latest announcement. In November, the application window for 2024 was opened and is scheduled to close by the end of January 2024, sparking concerns among student leaders about the short timeframe’s potential challenges.

NSFAS Application Surge and Approval Process

With over 4,000 students receiving funding within the first week of the application period, NSFAS has already received a substantial number of applications despite the short application period. As a result of this surge in applications, prospective beneficiaries need to act quickly within the specified deadline.

Delays Explained – Aligning with SARS Tax Processes

As a result of aligning with the completion of SARS tax processes, Slumezi Skosana explained the delay in opening applications. In order to determine the financial eligibility of applicants, this strategic delay ensures that crucial financial information will be available.

NSFAS Financial Eligibility Requirements

Students from poor and working-class backgrounds continue to be targeted by the NSFAS, which sets a combined household income cap of R350,000. Disabled students may receive up to R600,000 per year. Despite the fact that these criteria have not been changed immediately, ongoing refinements are underway to address challenges encountered previously and improve the overall application process.


Document- NSFAS Free Applications

Blade Nzimande announced that no documents or matric results would be required for the application process in a groundbreaking move. In order to streamline the process, Skosana clarified that NSFAS would validate critical student information through third-party partners. Only if the validation process fails will applicants be asked for documents.

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NSFAS Accommodation Controversy

In response to recent allegations that NSFAS engages informal settlement landlords for student housing, Skosana dispels the claims. There are no direct contracts with accommodation providers at this time as NSFAS primarily provides funds to institutions. University administrators were advised not to enter into long-term lease agreements with student housing service providers at this time, according to Skosana.

NSFAS Student Accommodation Pilot Project

To ensure funding aligns with housing conducive to studying, NSFAS is actively engaging in the Student Accommodation Pilot project. With this initiative, NSFAS is emphasizing its commitment to supporting students in their educational journey by preventing them from living in inappropriate housing.


NSFAS dynamic changes for 2024 reflect a commitment to streamlining applications, addressing concerns, and ensuring effective fund distribution. The ongoing refinements and pilot projects underscore NSFAS’s dedication to providing optimal support for students in pursuit of higher education.

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