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NWU Suspends In-Person Classes Amid NSFAS Funding Dispute



NWU Suspends In-Person Classes Amid NSFAS Funding Dispute

NWU Suspends In-Person Classes Amid NSFAS Funding Dispute. In response to the ongoing impasse with the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS), the North West University (NWU) administration has taken the decision to immediately suspend face-to-face classes until further notice.

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NSFAS Allowance Delays Prompt Action:

The suspension follows a concerning situation wherein a significant number of students reliant on NSFAS funding have not received their monthly allowances due to a third-party intermediary’s failure in distributing the funds.

Acknowledging Student Concerns:

Recognizing the frustrations of the affected students, NWU management is fully aware of the adverse effects these delays have on both beneficiaries and the academic curriculum.

Transition to Online Learning:

As an interim measure, lecturers have been instructed to make teaching materials and recordings available online. This approach allows students to access and download the necessary resources, ensuring that the academic program can continue despite the suspension of face-to-face classes.

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Previous Warnings Ignored:

NWU management notes that prior to this situation, they had cautioned about potential challenges associated with routing NSFAS funds through a third party. Regrettably, their concerns were disregarded.

University’s Efforts and Smooth Transition:

The university is determined to make it known to affected students that they have diligently pursued all available avenues to facilitate a seamless transition. Their actions are grounded in the best interests of the students.

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Call for Assistance:

In a separate development last month, students at the NWU Mahikeng campus appealed to both business figures and governmental authorities for support. This appeal followed the students’ disconnection from NSFAS funding.


The NWU’s suspension of face-to-face learning due to the NSFAS impasse underscores the importance of resolving the ongoing funding issues for the sake of the students’ education and the continuity of the academic program.

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