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Payment Date for the Capital One Class Action Settlement in 2023 and How To Claim It



Payment Date for the Capital One Class Action Settlement in 2023 and How To Claim It

Payment Date for the Capital One Class Action Settlement in 2023 and How To Claim It. In the age of rapid internet connectivity, data breaches have become a common occurrence. While historically, male hackers were often associated with such incidents, a notable shift occurred in July 2019 when the largest hacking event was orchestrated by a female hacker.

This breach involved the compromise of data belonging to 106 million users of Capital One, the third-largest bank in the United States. Notably, the perpetrator behind this massive hack was Paige Thompson, a software engineer employed by Amazon’s Web Services.

The Scope of the Data Breach

The compromised data encompassed sensitive information, including names, addresses, credit score limits, and balances. Shockingly, it also included 140,000 social security numbers, one million Canadian social insurance numbers, and 80,000 bank account numbers. Capital One reported substantial financial losses as a consequence of this breach.

Capital One Class Action Settlement 2023

This incident marked a significant event in banking history, with over 106 million users’ data falling into the hands of hackers. Capital One, a prominent financial services provider in the United States, faced a major security breach orchestrated by Paige Thompson.

Most affected individuals were residents of the United States and Canada. The stolen data included social security numbers, Canadian social insurance numbers, and bank account information, along with personal details of credit card applicants who had applied between 2005 and 2019.


Investigation into the Data Breach

The FBI, the premier crime-fighting agency in the United States, conducted an investigation into the data breach. According to their findings, the hacking occurred due to a firewall configuration glitch in the web application. Paige Thompson exploited this vulnerability, leading to a significant breach in the financial world.

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Capital One Data Breach Payment Date

For those impacted by the data breach, the deadline for filing claims is November 27, 2023. Affected individuals should visit the official website of Capital One for the latest updates and instructions on how to apply for the settlement payment.

Identification of the Hacker

Paige Thompson identity came to light when she posted a bill on a social media site. The bill, received from a veterinarian caring for her pet, played a crucial role in her identification. Thompson, who displayed no remorse for her actions, was proven guilty in a court of law.

How to Claim Your Settlement Payment

Capital One has communicated with investors via email regarding the settlement payment. If you have suffered financial losses due to the data breach, click the “Claim Payment” link in any email from ‘EpiqPay.’ It is essential to note that the deadline for claims is November 27, 2023, as per the settlement page.

Upon clicking the link, you will be directed to a payment dashboard where you can choose your preferred payment option. Depending on your selection, additional information may be required to expedite the payment process.



The Capital One Class Action Settlement of 2023 addresses the aftermath of a historic data breach, providing affected individuals with an opportunity to claim compensation. As the payment date approaches, it is crucial for those impacted to follow the outlined steps and deadlines to ensure a smooth settlement process.

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