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Payments for SASSA Will Be Phased Out at the Post Office



Payments for SASSA Will Be Phased Out at the Post Office

Payments for SASSA Will Be Phased Out at the Post Office. In a joint announcement this week, SASSA (South African Social Security Agency) and Postbank announced that cash withdrawals of social grants would be gradually eliminated within post offices. By March 31, 2023, all CPP (Cash Pay Point) and Post Office branch grant payments will cease to be processed.

Expanded Access for SASSA Gold Card Holders

SASSA Gold Cards that were issued by CPPs and Post Office branches will now be accepted at any establishment accepting bank cards by recipients of social grants. A cashback service allows you to withdraw funds at retailers with point-of-sale systems and make purchases at retailers with point-of-sale systems.

Postbank existing cash withdrawal channels, including bank ATMs and partner retailers such as Boxer, Pick n Pay, Spar, Shoprite, Usave, and Checkers, will remain accessible.

Background and Strategic Decision

A commitment to improve the overall customer experience led to the decision to move away from cash distribution at CPPs in 2018. This strategic shift was prompted by a number of factors, including an increase in cash-in-transit heists, unfavorable conditions at some CPP sites, and closures and capacity challenges at numerous Post Offices.

Proactively addressing these challenges, the migration of beneficiaries to other National Payment System (NPS) access channels is underway.


SASSA Gold Cards Validity

For the disbursement of social grants, SASSA emphasizes that Gold Cards will remain fully valid and operational after December 2023, contrary to misinformation and rumors. To maintain the stability and reliability of the social grant distribution system, this assurance is part of ongoing efforts.

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The phased-out approach in discontinuing SASSA payments at Post Office locations reflects a strategic move to overcome operational challenges and improve the overall efficiency and safety of the social grant distribution process.

Recipients are encouraged to explore the expanded usage of SASSA Gold Cards at various outlets, providing them with more convenient and secure options for accessing their funds.

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