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Postbank Says SASSA Gold Cards Will not Expire in December



Postbank Says SASSA Gold Cards Will not Expire in December

Postbank Says SASSA Gold Cards Will not Expire in December. In response to concerns related to SASSA gold cards, the South African Postbank assured beneficiaries that their cards would remain valid beyond December.

Dismissing Rumors of Expiry

It has been clarified by Postbank spokesperson Bongani Diako that SASSA cards will not expire in December, contrary to circulating rumors.

Continuous Social Grants Payment

In addition, Diako stressed that SASSA beneficiaries need not worry about receiving their social grants as planned in December and beyond. The validity of their SASSA gold cards will not hinder the payment process.

Beware of Scams

He advised SASSA beneficiaries to remain vigilant and avoid scams during this festive season. Diako advised them to disregard any calls or messages advising them to change their cards because they had expired.

Stay Informed, Stay Secure

SASSA beneficiaries are encouraged to feel at ease, ignore misleading information, and enjoy the festive season without unnecessary concerns about the expiration of their gold cards as a result of the assurance provided by SA Postbank.



The South African Postbank’s reassurance dispels rumors of SASSA gold card expiry in December. Beneficiaries can confidently anticipate continued social grant payments, urging caution against scams during the festive season.

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