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Problems with NSFAS



Problems with NSFAS

Problems with NSFAS, NSFAS struggles are similar to those faced by state-owned enterprises such as Denel, Prasa, and SAA in higher education. The system consistently fails because of capacity, integrity, and authority issues, despite government interventions and periods of administration.

Capacity Challenges

The NSFAS is lacking the skill set to manage vast amounts of student financial aid effectively. It might be possible to allocate funds directly to universities with proven administrative capabilities, like Wits, Stellenbosch, and UCT.

Addressing Ideological Barriers

A fundamental problem lies in the belief that central government performs better than universities and selected private contractors. Shifting this belief is essential for preventing delays and protests.

Integrity Concerns

A values shift has normalized stealing, making it difficult for well-intentioned individuals, such as Mavuso Msimang, to curb misuse of NSFAS resources due to embedded corruption within state institutions.

Lack of Authority for Systemic Change

In order to overcome the status quo, political mandates are necessary to dismiss and prosecute wrongdoers. The absence of such authority within the state perpetuates corruption and inefficiency, undermining the effectiveness of leadership changes.



While the current minister suggests prioritizing certain degrees, the real issue lies in addressing corruption and inefficiencies. Choosing non-priority subjects for funding is both bad policy and anti-educational, hindering students’ holistic development and perpetuating societal issues.

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