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R400 Million In Unallocated NSFAS Funds Settled by University Of Pretoria



R400 Million In Unallocated NSFAS Funds Settled by University Of Pretoria

R400 Million In Unallocated NSFAS Funds Settled by University Of Pretoria. In a significant stride towards financial transparency and accountability, the University of Pretoria (UP) has successfully disbursed R400 million in unallocated funds owed to the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS). This monumental effort underscores UP commitment to rectifying discrepancies and ensuring equitable distribution of financial assistance to deserving students.

Understanding The Reconciliation

The settlement, confirmed in a statement by the Special Investigating Unit (SIU) on Tuesday, sheds light on a longstanding issue spanning from 2016 to 2021.

SIU spokesperson, Kaizer Kganyago, disclosed that the university made four instalments of R100,000 each into the SIU’ Trust account, culminating in a total recovery of R937,926,351 from various institutions of higher learning.

These unallocated funds primarily stem from instances where students either changed institutions or deregistered, leaving behind a pool of resources awaiting proper allocation.

Addressing Systemic Failures

Kganyago highlighted systemic failures within NSFAS, attributing the existence of unallocated funds to inadequate control mechanisms and reconciliation processes.


He emphasized the critical role of institutions in promptly cooperating with the SIU, facilitating a swift recovery process. Notable contributions came from institutions like the University of Johannesburg, West Coast College, and NorthLink College, among others, showcasing a collective commitment to rectifying past discrepancies.

Debt Acknowledgment And Reform Initiatives

Further revelations emerged regarding acknowledgment of debts by institutions such as Motheo TVET College and agreements reached with parents and students who failed to meet NSFAS funding criteria.

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The SIU investigation uncovered significant deficiencies in NSFAS control measures, resulting in erroneous fund disbursements over several years. To address these shortcomings, NSFAS has initiated a “close-out reporting” process, aided by a newly appointed service provider.

Challenges With Celbux And Accommodation Funding

The SIU’s scrutiny extended to Celbux, a financial technology provider facilitating fund disbursement. Dormant accounts totaling an estimated R320 million were identified, highlighting the need for robust account management protocols. Additionally, gaps in NSFAS-funded accommodation records were identified, emphasizing the importance of comprehensive data capture to ensure accountability and transparency in resource allocation.


The University of Pretoria’s resolution of R400 million in unallocated NSFAS funds marks a significant milestone in the pursuit of financial integrity within South Africa’s higher education sector.


This decisive action, coupled with ongoing reform efforts, underscores the collective commitment to equitable access to education and responsible stewardship of public resources.

As institutions continue to collaborate with investigative bodies like the SIU, a culture of accountability and transparency will undoubtedly flourish, fostering a brighter future for generations of students to come.

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