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SASSA Cash Paypoints To Be Phased Out By April 2024



SASSA Cash Paypoints To Be Phased Out By April 2024

SASSA Cash Paypoints To Be Phased Out By April 2024. In a significant development, Postbank has declared that as of April 2024, social grant beneficiaries will no longer have the option to withdraw their grants at Post Offices or cash paypoints. This decision, spearheaded by the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) and Postbank, is a pivotal move towards a more streamlined and secure national payment system.

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Transition to Digital Channels

SASSA, which collaborates with Postbank for grant disbursement, revealed to Parliament in February that only 0.8% of all grant recipients (approximately 142,000 people) still utilize cash paypoints, with an additional 123,000 collecting grants from Post Office branches. The collaborative effort has prioritized the adoption of a national payment system, directing grant money into recipients’ personal bank accounts or SASSA Gold/Postbank accounts. Over the years, cash paypoints have dwindled from 9,671 in 2019 to a mere 894.

New Payment Methods

With the phasing out of physical cash paypoints, beneficiaries who previously withdrew funds from cash paypoints or Post Office branches are now required to use SASSA Gold Cards or Postbank cards at any location accepting bank cards. This move aims to enhance efficiency, reduce operational challenges, and align with the evolving landscape of digital financial transactions.

Reasons Behind the Closure

The decision to discontinue cash paypoints is attributed to various factors, including a lack of capacity and the escalating threat of cash-in-transit heists. Remarkably, 98% of grant recipients already receive their funds through the National Payment System channels, signifying a widespread acceptance of digital payment methods.

Advocacy and Concerns

Notably, the announcement by Postbank follows persistent advocacy by the activist organization Black Sash. The organization has emphasized the need for improved accommodations for grant recipients who rely on cash paypoints and Post Offices. In a documentary titled “Broken Promises,” Black Sash showcased the challenges faced by rural grant recipients, such as high transportation costs, exposure to harsh weather conditions, and the risk of theft when accessing alternative locations.


Anticipated Impact

According to Evashnee Naidoo, Black Sash Regional Manager for KwaZulu-Natal, the transition away from cash paypoints will have a “devastating” effect on grant beneficiaries, particularly those in rural areas. Finding alternative means to access grants becomes a critical concern, and the ripple effect of this transformation on vulnerable communities is a matter of urgent consideration.

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As South Africa moves toward a cashless grant disbursement system, the phased closure of SASSA cash paypoints marks a pivotal moment in the evolution of social grant distribution. While the transition aims to enhance efficiency and security, there is a pressing need to address the concerns of those who may be disproportionately affected, especially in rural areas. Balancing the benefits of a modernized payment system with the needs of vulnerable populations will be essential for the success of this transformative initiative.

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