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SASSA Confirms Increased Grant Values For 2024



SASSA Confirms Increased Grant Values For 2024

SASSA Confirms Increased Grant Values For 2024. In a significant announcement impacting millions, the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) has outlined new grant values set to take effect in 2024.

This adjustment will impact over 26 million South Africans who rely on these grants for their day-to-day subsistence. Here’s a detailed breakdown of what these changes entail and how they will be implemented throughout the year.

SASSA Grant Increases

South Africa’s social security system supports a wide array of beneficiaries, including over 18 million permanent grant recipients and an additional 8 million benefiting from the Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant. Every year, changes in these grant amounts are keenly awaited by the populace.

In 2024, several SASSA grants have seen modifications in their disbursement amounts as announced by Finance Minister Enoch Godongwana during the February budget speech. These adjustments were confirmed by the Social Development Minister, highlighting a structured approach to financial upliftment through the Social Assistance Act 2024.

Detailed Breakdown of Grant Values

Permanent Grants

The permanent grants cater to various groups, including older persons, veterans, disabled individuals, and children in different capacities. Here’s how the grants will look like in April and October 2024:

  • Older Persons Grant: Increases from R2,180 in April to R2,190 in October.
  • Older Persons Grant (Over 75): R2,200 in April and R2,210 in October, inclusive of an additional R20.
  • War Veterans Grant: Also includes an additional R20, matching the older persons’ grant increments.
  • Disability Grant: Rises to R2,190 in October from R2,180 in April.
  • Care Dependency Grant: Follows the same increase pattern as the disability grant.
  • Foster Child Grant: Remains constant at R1,180 throughout the year.
  • Child Support Grant: Stays at R530, but with an October adjustment in the top-up amount.
  • Child Support Grant Top-Up: Increases from R790 in April to R800 in October.
  • Grant in Aid: Maintains at R530 across both payment periods.
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Social Relief of Distress (SRD) Grant

The SRD grant, often referred to as the R350 grant, will see an uplift to R370 starting from April 1, 2024. This adjustment represents a 5.7% increase, underscoring the government’s commitment to supporting its most vulnerable citizens. The rise in the SRD grant reflects ongoing efforts to ensure that all South Africans can meet their basic needs.

Implications of the Grant Increases

These adjustments in the grant values are more than just numbers; they reflect a broader commitment by the South African government to uphold and enhance the welfare of its citizens.

The increases are expected to provide some relief against the backdrop of economic challenges and inflationary pressures, helping beneficiaries cover essential living costs more effectively.


The updates to the SASSA grant values for 2024 underscore a pivotal move towards bolstering social security in South Africa. As these changes roll out, they promise to bring some relief to millions, fortifying the economic stability of households across the nation.

By continuing to adjust these grants, the government not only addresses immediate financial needs but also reinforces its dedication to nurturing a more inclusive and supportive social framework.

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