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SASSA Payment Dates For January 2024



SASSA Payment Dates For January 2024

SASSA Payment Dates For January 2024. The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) has released the eagerly awaited payment dates for January 2024, ensuring recipients can plan their finances accordingly. In this article, we’ll delve into the specific payment dates for different categories of beneficiaries, shedding light on when funds will be disbursed.

SASSA Payment Dates For January 2024

Embarking on the new year, the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) ushers in clarity and anticipation by unveiling the payment dates for January 2024, ensuring beneficiaries are well-informed and prepared for the timely disbursement of crucial financial support.

Old Age Pension – January 3, 2024

For recipients of the Old Age Pension, mark your calendars for January 3, 2024. On this date, SASSA will initiate payments, providing vital financial support to elderly individuals. This timely disbursement is crucial for pensioners to meet their various needs and obligations.

Disability Grants – January 4, 2024

Those reliant on Disability Grants will receive their payments on January 4, 2024. SASSA acknowledges the importance of these grants in assisting individuals with disabilities, and the scheduled payment ensures recipients can access the funds they depend on for their well-being and daily living.

Children Grants – January 5, 2024

Parents and guardians receiving Children Grants can anticipate payments on January 5, 2024. SASSA recognizes the role these grants play in supporting families and ensuring the well-being of children. The scheduled disbursement aligns with the agency’s commitment to providing consistent assistance to those caring for young dependents.



SASSA unveils the payment dates for January 2024, beneficiaries of Old Age Pension, Disability Grants, and Children Grants can now plan their financial activities with certainty. These disbursement dates underscore SASSA’s dedication to delivering timely and essential financial support to those in need. Recipients are encouraged to stay informed and make the most of the assistance provided by these critical social security programs.

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