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A Guide To Submitting a SASSA SRD Grant Appeal for December 2023



A Guide To Submitting a SASSA SRD Grant Appeal for December 2023

A Guide To Submitting a SASSA SRD Grant Appeal for December 2023. After being rejected for the R350 grant for December, you still have the option of appealing to Sassa. Follow the steps below to initiate the appeal process.

Submission of SRD Grant Appeal

Visit the SRD Grant Appeals Sassa Website

  • Go to the official SRD grant appeals website provided by Sassa.

Access the Appeal Section

  • Click on the green bar labeled ‘click here to lodge an appeal or check appeal status.’

Provide Personal Information

  • Enter your ID number and cellphone number.

Receive and Enter Verification Pin

  • Click ‘send pin’ and wait for the SMS containing the verification pin.
  • Enter the pin received and click ‘submit.’

Specify Appeal Details

  • Select the month for which you are submitting an appeal
  • Choose the reason for your appeal from the dropdown menu.
  • Click ‘submit’ to finalize your appeal submission.

Checking SRD Grant Appeal Status

To monitor the status of your SRD grant appeal, follow these steps:

Visit Sassa Appeals Website

  • Go to the official Sassa appeals website.

Enter Personal Information

  • Provide your ID number and telephone number.

Track Your Appeal

  • Utilize the ‘track appeal’ feature to check the progress of your appeal.
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In addition, you can call Sassa’s Call Centre at 0800 601 011 to inquire about your appeal status. A confirmation SMS will inform you of the outcome of your appeal.

See our comprehensive guide and instructional video on the Sassa appeal process for more information.

Understanding Possible Rejection Reasons

If your SRD grant application was rejected, it may be due to specific criteria:

Income and Other Assistance

  • The main requirement is that applicants should not receive other income, grants, UIF money, or NSFAS.

IRP5 Registration

  • If labeled as ‘IRP5 Registered,’ databases identify you as a taxpayer, indicating you receive an income.

Incorrect UIF Information

  • Rejection based on receiving UIF, when not applicable, may be due to databases reflecting outdated UIF payments.


Sassa SRD grant appeal process is crucial for those facing rejection. By following these steps and understanding potential rejection reasons, applicants can maximize their chances of securing the much-needed financial support.

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