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The Eff Condemns Nsfas’s New Direct Payment System



The Eff Condemns Nsfas's New Direct Payment System

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) strongly criticize the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) for its recent implementation of third-party service providers, denouncing the move as detrimental to students affected by mismanagement and corruption.

New Direct Payment Service Provider Introduced by NSFAS

NSFAS has introduced a new direct payment service provider as an alternative means of disbursing funds to funded students. Under this scheme, all beneficiaries are supposed to receive their allowances directly into their accounts through the new NSFAS bank account.

Criticisms and Concerns Raised by the EFF

The EFF expresses deep dissatisfaction with the implementation of the new direct payment service provider. According to the party, only a few students have received their allowances so far, and they have received less than the amount they were entitled to. Furthermore, these students have encountered high transaction fees.

Frustration and Despair Caused by NSFAS’s Inefficiency

The EFF points out that NSFAS’s inability to streamline its processes and provide timely assistance has caused immense frustration and despair among students who rely on its support. The persistent failures of NSFAS over the years have had severe consequences for countless students, impacting their lives and aspirations.

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Recent Issues and Blame on ANC

The EFF highlights some recent issues, such as the failure to fund initially eligible students, resulting in many students forfeiting their NSFAS allowances and being removed from their residences. The EFF places the blame on the African National Congress (ANC) for its absence and lack of strong political will in addressing education matters across the country.


EFF’s Call for Action

The EFF declares its commitment to addressing education challenges head-on and announces the creation of a student command entity to directly tackle such issues. The party urges NSFAS to establish offices throughout the country to combat corruption within universities, starting from the offices of vice-chancellors down to middle management.

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Advocacy for a State Bank

Despite rejecting the current approach, the EFF advocates for the establishment of a State Bank to address financial matters like those faced by NSFAS. The party argues that a State Bank would prevent empowering the white-owned banking sector in South Africa, aligning with the EFF’s broader goals of pursuing free, quality, and decolonized education.

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