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The NSFAS Warns Students Applying for Funding in 2024 to Be Wary of Fake Websites



The NSFAS Warns Students Applying for Funding in 2024 to Be Wary of Fake Websites

The NSFAS Warns Students Applying for Funding in 2024 to Be Wary of Fake Websites. The National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) has issued a warning to students gearing up to apply for the 2024 academic year funding. The cautionary note comes in response to the emergence of fraudulent websites and an unauthorized app operating under the NSFAS name.

Bogus NSFAS App Alert – Safeguard Your Personal Information

Prospective beneficiaries are urged to exercise caution as NSFAS uncovers a deceitful app that dupes applicants into submitting personal information. The scheme emphasizes its ongoing efforts to dismantle this bogus application and assures applicants that steps are being taken to enhance security measures.

NSFAS Applications Open – 76,000 Approvals and Counting

In the first week of NSFAS applications for the 2024 academic year, a significant milestone has been reached, with 76,000 applications provisionally approved. This demonstrates the high demand for financial aid and the importance of a timely application process.

NSFAS Vigilant Response – Fighting Scams and Enhancing Security

Facing the threat of fraudulent activity, NSFAS is actively combating scams and working towards a more secure application process. The scheme’s spokesperson, Slumezi Skosana, highlights ongoing efforts to take down the fake app and introduces the idea of implementing a biometric system on their website for added security.

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Biometric Security Measures – NSFAS Next Step

NSFAS aims to reinforce its security measures by considering the implementation of a biometric system on its website. This move is not only directed at curbing scams but also at streamlining interactions with third-party partners, addressing issues of tardiness in the application process.


Apply Early Avoid Backlogs – NSFAS Urges Timely Submissions

To prevent backlogs and ensure a smooth start to the 2024 academic year, NSFAS spokesperson Slumezi Skosana encourages prospective beneficiaries to submit their applications on time. Timely submissions not only benefit the applicants but also contribute to the efficiency of the entire funding process.


In navigating the landscape of academic funding, vigilance is paramount. NSFAS remains committed to securing applicants’ data and streamlining processes. Apply early, stay informed, and trust only verified channels to safeguard your academic journey against potential scams.

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