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We are going to prosecute anyone who robs NSFAS – Minister Nzimande



We are going to prosecute anyone who robs NSFAS - Minister Nzimande

We are going to prosecute anyone who robs NSFAS – Minister Nzimande. The National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS), South Africa’s most popular bursary, is now open, and over 70,000 students have been provisionally approved already. The Minister of Higher Education, Blade Nzimande, warns potential fraudsters, however.

Swift Action Against Fraudulent Activity

NSFAS has suffered significant losses in recent years due to students providing inaccurate information to secure funding. Minister Nzimande emphasizes that any efforts to defraud the financial aid scheme will be met with serious consequences.

Alarming Statistics

According to the Special Investigating Unit, at least 40,000 students may have been inappropriately funded, costing NSFAS over R5 billion. Many of these students come from households earning above the R350,000 cut-off, making them ineligible for NSFAS funding.

Manipulation of Information

Parents who send their children to expensive private schools, despite sending them to expensive private schools, seek government funding when the students enter university in an attempt to secure funding.

Minister Plea

The Minister believes that students and parents should provide accurate information, stressing the importance of integrity during the application process.


Streamlined Application Process for 2024

According to Minister Nzimande, supporting documents will not be required for NSFAS bursary applications in 2024. However, eligibility verification will still be carried out by third parties.

No Document Submission Required

Students applying for NSFAS bursaries in 2024 will not have to submit supporting documents. Through partnerships with the Department of Home Affairs, the South African Social Security Agency (Sassa), and the South African Revenue Service (SARS), the NSFAS system will validate critical student information.

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Verification Process

In 2024, NSFAS will cross-verify student identity and financial eligibility using the latest data from third-party partners. The application period for 2024 coincides with the end of the SARS tax season.

Deadline for applications

All applicants must submit their NSFAS bursary applications by January 31, 2024. If the NSFAS validation process fails, applicants will be required to submit additional documentation.


Minister Nzimande’s stern warning against NSFAS fraud emphasizes the need for integrity in the application process. The streamlined 2024 application system aims to curb misconduct, urging applicants to provide accurate information for a fair distribution of financial aid.

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